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Liberty Cyber Solutions Helps Startups, Small And Medium Businesses In Greater Houston Area To Work Smarter, More Profitable And Secure By Delivering Innovative Technologies And Value-Added Services.

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We’re always looking to help our clients with their security needs. Reach out to us today and let’s work together to devise a security plan to meet your needs. 

Liberty Cyber Solutions

The Perfect Solution For All Your Cybersecurity Needs

You’re a technical person so you typically manage your own employees’ computer and network setup. But now your business is growing so you’re getting overwhelmed and therefore need a dedicated IT team.

You currently have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT system, but you’re not happy with their service quality.

Your company needs to comply with ISO27001, HIPAA, or PCI, but do not know how.

You know the fact that 88% of small and medium businesses are vulnerable to cyber attack. You’re concern about your company’s sensitive data and Intellectual Property (IP), which is the lifeline of your company. If they’re lost, stolen, or disclosed to public, not only your company will lose reputation but will be out of business.

High Quality Service

We understand your time is valuable. Liberty Cyber Solutions values its ability to create seamless security solutions that won’t get in the way of your companies driving goal while providing you with the protection you need.

Effective Protection

When it comes to security we understand one solution isn’t enough. We offer Scheduled Data Backups, AI-based Antivirus Protection, Firewall Setup and Configuration, as well as a dedicated IT support line! This layered approach insures your data stays secure.

Our Services

Solutions We Offer

Defensive Cybersecurity

Defensive Security

Liberty Technology Solutions provides defense-in-depth and zero-trust cybersecurity solutions which includes Artificial Intelligence based Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection.

We will secure data and halt attacks with 24/7/365 continuous monitoring, rapid detection, and effective remediation by a Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

Offensive Cybersecurity

Offensive Security

You build fortresses that are near-impenetrable. But no network is entirely impenetrable. Often the best way to beat the attacker is to be one yourself!

A common practice in the cybersecurity industry, Liberty Cyber Solutions puts on our black hats and attempts to penetrate your systems, posing as an attacker to discover vulnerabilities and mitigate potential paths an attacker may take to access you and your staff’s valuable data.