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Can You Spot the Similarities?

Three seemingly disparate events spread across three years. Can you guess how they are related? In 2020, Marriot Hotels is hacked, and attackers steal the data of 5.2 million guests. In 2021, after compromising IT management contractor Solar Wind, Russian attackers compromised at least nine federal agencies. In 2022, a T-Mobile store owner is convicted […]

It’s Not What on The Inside

firmware attacks

One of the most concerning stories hitting the news this month is how ransomware groups are turning their focus toward firmware attacks. Leaked chats from the Conti ransomware group reveal that the organization is actively working to develop a set of firmware attack techniques. According to records, the group is interested in these attacks because […]

Supply Chain Attack

supply chain

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which cut off exports from Ukraine and put Russian businesses under sanction, has set off a series of new supply-chain bottlenecks. So has a surge in Covid cases in China, which has led to temporary lockdowns in parts of the country. On top of this, key suppliers and manufacturers are being […]

Don’t Build Your Cybersecurity Confidence on the Sand

The Bible uses the now-famous parable of the house “built on the sand.” When the rains came, and the storms hit, the house fell because it did not have a firm foundation. Unfortunately, many cyber departments are constructed the same way. They have survived the last couple of years without a major incident, so they […]

Remember the Mobile Devices!

There is probably no topic of contention that I encounter more as an IT security consultant and auditor than mobile device security. People and organizations just don’t want to secure themselves against mobile devices. The excuses are numerous: Regulating employee mobile devices will lower morale. Employees will think we are spying on them. Other organizations […]

Why you need 24/7 Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection

The modern threat landscape is ever evolving, and hackers are getting smarter and smarter every day. Fileless malware and zero-day attacks are just a few that makes traditional firewall and anti-virus become ineffective. The most effective forms of protection for this kind of cyberattacks are Artificial Intelligence based Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Prevention with […]


Cybersecurity researchers reported that there were 623 million ransomware attacks, or a 1.7 million attacks per day – a growth of 105% globally in 2021. The number of attacks only grew as cyber criminals continue to take advantage of the poor level of cybersecurity awareness by many organizations’ employees. In the first quarter of 2022 […]