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IT Support

Managing a Business is Hard Enough

We recognize that every company faces problems unique to their circumstances. At Liberty Cyber Solutions, we offer you an all-in-one solution to your IT hurdles, working with you to develop high-quality solutions that fills all your IT needs, from Help Desk support to routine behind the scenes Patch Management and Data Backups. We pride ourselves on our adaptable, collaborative approach to problem-solving. We have your back!

IT Help Desk

Not every issue can be resolved in-house—you might be so focused on the work you have in front of you that you may not realize what steps you should take to resolve it. That’s where IT Help Desk services from Liberty Cyber Solutions come in. Our support solutions are there when you need them, giving you the best chance of getting back on track and stifling performance issues before they cause too many problems. Not every company can afford to have an entire staff of IT experts. At Liberty Cyber Solutions, we offer all of the resources that the big guys use at a margin of the cost. Our flexible, on-call solutions put you in a better position than ever to focus on your business and not your IT. You have the freedom to keep performing business as usual, while our team helps you minimize downtime and work more effectively than ever before.

Patch Management

At Liberty Cyber Solutions, we acknowledge that running a business is a hassle. For example, you don’t always have the time to update every system to the latest patch or keep up to date with which system in your network is overdue for a routine update. However, unpatched software is one of the most prominent attack vectors malicious actors use to infiltrate your company’s defenses. 

According to Ponemon Institute Vulnerability Survey in 2019, unpatched vulnerabilities account for upwards of 60% of all data breaches; More than half of all attacks involving your business’s data can be mitigated by applying patches on a routine basis.
So let us take care of that burden for you, giving you the time to focus on your company, while we focus on protecting its assets.

Data Backup

Backing up your data has never been more critical. With businesses more reliant on technology and storing their sensitive data on computers and other devices, losing that data has become a severe concern for organizations worldwide.

For example, the average downtime for a business due to ransomware attacks is around 20 days, based on a Statista study in 2021. That’s 20 days in a year on average of your business not being capable of accessing customer information, banking, or orders. With the added cost of paying for the return of your information, this can easily be a crippling event for any business.

Liberty Cyber Solutions understands this is something your business can’t afford and shouldn’t have to. We offer all-in-one cloud data backup and continuity solutions for physical and virtual (VMware, Hyper-V) endpoint, protected by Artificial Intelligence-based ransomware detection and AES-256 bit data encryption. 

Business Phone System

Professionalism is paramount for any organization, and Liberty Cyber Solutions have made integrating scalable, reliable, and affordable IT services even more accessible. Whether you are a small or medium business or just starting, we’ve made it our business to simplify IT, including helping you get set up with the best VoIP business line possible. Don’t wait, call us today to discuss what your business needs to be its best!